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Church of God Singles


COGSingles was formed to promote dating and marriage inside the Church.  The singles in God's Church have a difficult time getting to know each other, not just because we are spread out geographically but also are in many, many different groups.  There are congregations in the same cities within minutes of each other and yet the two do not mix!  We hope this site will help the singles overcome the artificial boundaries created by different organizations.  

While this site certainly can be used as a traditional dating site, our hope is that it will also inspire singles to make new friends, do some matchmaking for their friends, create events and projects which many singles can join in, and (unofficially) choose certain Feast sites where more singles can get together.

This site is to remain free.  We will never ask you for money.  (If you wish to help with running costs, it would be very welcome.  Just click the Contact link below to find out how.  We will always be trying to improve this site!)