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Rules of Use

Please be respectful at all times!  These are your brothers and sisters in Christ!  All are expected to act in a Christ-like manner at all times.  We are scattered in many different organizations and have many minor differences.  These should not stop us from all being friends but don't be offended if some prefer to mix only with their own COG group.  Some feel the differences of those from other groups would create problems.  Most do not.  LIve and let live.

Self-Misrepresentation (incorrect age, weight, height, photos) can result in being suspended or banned.  Please be up front about who you are!  And, if your single state changes, i.e. you become seriously involved, engaged, or married, please let us know so we can suspend your account (or you may delete your account yourself)  

Please do not give out any personal information until you are sure the person you are getting to know is trustworthy.  We do our best to 'vet' every single member but cannot guarantee that everyone here is a true member of the Church or an upstanding citizen.  Be careful!

If anyone asks you for money or any kind of financial help, please let us know immediately!  We have zero tolerance for begging!  If anyone has finacial needs, let them approach the ministry!   The same goes for any other inappropriate requests.